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Corner Vanity – Your Best Resort For High Quality Bathroom Suite

Are you tired of watching those dull items inside your bathroom? Then, maybe this is now the perfect time to switch to Corner Vanity. This item is actually originated from Fairmont Designs and is made available for 18 collections of Bathroom Vanities. This comprises of Decorated hardware. And in terms of high quality purposes, this is in fact, professionally made from hand carved or skilled craftsman.

Among those masterpieces is the Corner Vanity – Fairmont Designs Bathroom Vanity Shaker 125-CV26: 26″ W x 17 1/2″ D x 36″ H, it is made from poplar solids and veneers. Aside from its sophisticated beauty, it also has a feature of fitted-china sink countertop. What makes this beneficial as it can be customized. You can add some features within it like putting some additional facts, corner cabinet and the stool. One great thing about this item is it can add spice to your bathroom considering its fine surfaces and elegant details.

Furthermore, this Corner Vanity – Fairmont Designs Bathroom Vanity Shaker 125-CV26: 26″ W x 17 1/2″ D x 36″ H is also available in three shapes: oval, round, and square. And when we talk about sturdiness, this item can attest that since using the wood veneer lessens the utilization of other woods as opposed to those typical furniture. Apart from that, wood veneer doesn’t practice any solid lumber which is one of the main reasons why a building fluctuates.

corner vanity 3

Needless to say, every homeowner wants to an affordable item. Well the good news is that Corner Vanity – Fairmont Designs Bathroom Vanity Shaker 125-CV26: 26″ W x 17 1/2″ D x 36″ H can now be purchased for as low as $799.95 plus, it has a one year warranty. In short, it is an all-in-one great package deal.

But before anything else, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a credible dealer. Fairmont Designs on the other hand, is a 22-year veteran of the furniture industry. This provision is also deemed by many as the leading provider in the bath furniture industry. They are also equipped with skilled and devoted craftsmen. No wonder why they always succeed in giving high quality products in the market today. Moreover, Fairmont Designs offers a wide array of coordinated designer looks exclusively for your bathroom; it has a sum of 20 collections.

In terms of styles, they are also providing different varieties of designs from traditional country farmhouse down to classic and contemporary designs. Aside from that, Vanities utilize natural wood coordinating natural stones such as granite and marble tops. They also add the spice of their masterpiece through adding some accessories like mirrors, medicine cabinets, linen towers and bath valets. Every inch of it is made out of handcrafted materials with a high degree of detailing.

In case you still want to know more about this Corner Vanity – Fairmont Designs Bathroom Vanity Shaker 125-CV26: 26″ W x 17 1/2″ D x 36″ H and Fairmont Designs, browsing the internet are the best avenue that you can run into or for more details about this particular item.

How Can Corner Vanity Add Splash To Your Bathe?

The bathroom is one of the most essential parts of the house regardless of its size, dimension or space. Therefore, it is always imperative that one should get the best materials and equipments inside the bathroom. For this reason, you need Belle Foret BF80039R Single Basin Bathroom Corner Vanity, Dark Oak.

Belle Foret BF80039R Single Basin Bathroom Corner Vanity, Dark Oak provides utmost warm wood texture into your bath. Its own design is filled with intricate wood details and granite or marble tops that emphasize its extreme and naked beauty. Aside from that, this vanity also offers enough storage for any of your bathroom stuff and also comes with two-open doors. It has a porcelain basin that directly adds the fuel of its extreme sophistication.

There are also other features involve in this elegant Corner Vanity, and one of those is the Dark Oak finish with a Black Granite top and backsplash. Moreover, its doors are also a great storage compartment. All in all, it can be fairly described as an Antique Brass Cabinet hardware. According to many, Belle Foret BF80039R Single Basin Bathroom Corner Vanity, Dark Oak has been the best resort when it comes to showing elegance and sophistication.

corner vanity 2

However, there are still a few factors that you need to assess before purchasing and that is to ascertain the right size of your bathroom. Of course, you don’t want to have a furniture that is eating up all your spaces, right? Therefore, it pays to know whether it fits perfectly or otherwise not. Aside from determining the right size, it is also vital to know the overall shape of the vanity as well as the depth of the bowl. There are actually three shapes available for this, either oval, round or perhaps the square one. There are actually two easy ways to determine the right Corner Vanity – first is to know the perfect place to situate it, through this you will no longer experience a hard time guessing its size or shape and the second way is to based upon your own taste and preferences.

Corner Vanity is indeed great aside from its sophisticated style and beauty. It can bring warmth and cool ambiance to your bathroom. Furthermore, it can also intensify the setting of your entire space. It is also flexible for no matter what kind of bathroom style you have in your home, this will fit perfectly.

Another thing also that you love about this Vanity is it can be shipped exclusively to the contiguous state excluding APO, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. On top of that, it also has a One Year Warranty. And in case you are experiencing a tight budget, then fret no more for this item can only be purchased for $637.60 plus free shipping! Great package, isn’t it?

So, for those who want to have an item that is both for giving a good ambiance to your bathroom without compromising its beauty and quality as a furniture item, then you can really count on to this Belle Foret BF80039R Single Basin Bathroom Corner Vanity item.

A Space Savvy Modern Glass Vanity

Do you have a small space in your bathroom? Have you thought of installing a corner vanity in your bathroom? Do you want to save space? Are you looking for a modern and stylish corner vanity?

Then, DreamLine DLVG-1103 Modern Glass 23-inch Clear Simplicity Corner Vanity is for you! This corner vanity has 15mm glass countertop. It is very slim and saves a lot of space. Its design is very sophisticated and suitable for small-spaced bathroom. This corner vanity has single hole faucet drilling. This is perfect, especially for modern designed bathrooms.

corner vanity1 slika

The glass gives universal design which can fit into almost any color scheme. There is also an integrated towel bar in its stainless steel wall bracket. This is very useful because you can simply hang towels in the steel bar for your convenience. This item comes with optional vessel sink. The sink is very modern-looking and is very appropriate for the corner vanity design.

I bought this corner vanity because my bathroom has small space. I need a really good vanity for my corner faucet. I came across this item at Amazon and bought it. It fit perfectly in my bathroom with a modern design. Its glass details fit right into the black and white color scheme of my bathroom. This corner vanity is very easy to install. It is very light, weighing only 32.2 pounds. I do not fear breaking it because it has 5/8” glass.

The clear finish makes the corner vanity look neat and clean. The stainless steel wall bracket is a very distinct addition to the item. It brings great detail to the corner vanity and adds sophistication to the piece. Convenience is achieved because of the steel bar where I can hang towels. When washing my face, I just have to reach for the towel hanged in the steel bar to dry my face. It does not only save space but also saves time. The item does not include faucet and plumbing accessories.

However, any style of faucet or plumbing accessories can fit the design of this corner vanity. When it is installed in my bathroom, I cannot help but admire the beauty of the corner mount bathroom vanity. It saved a lot of space and its sleek design gave my bathroom a modern appeal. It is clearly worth my money and time. The faucet I used for this is also stainless steel to match the wall bracket.

I do not regret buying this corner vanity. For only $232.47 you can have a clear, simple and space savvy corner vanity. It has 23.2 x 23.2 x 5.9 inches dimension with clear finish. Not only it is stylish but it is also very suitable for small-spaced bathroom. Installing this is very easy and requires little of your time. They also offer free shipping to US. If it has factory defects or any broken parts, it has a one-year warranty and you can replace the product.